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Change/Update My Credit Card

Go to https://www.formsonfire.com/my-account/


On left side of page type in your username or email address and password under "LOGIN".  This logon is for your BILLING account not your regular Dashboard Sign-In.  If you are not sure what your user name and password are for your billing account,  try to put in your email address and then click on "Lost your password?"  


You should receive an email to help you reset your password. Please give us a few seconds to send you an email to reset your password:)


1) Once signed in to the Billing Account, select Payment Methods on the left hand side.   

2) Delete your current payment method.

3) Select Add Payment Method and put in your current credit card information and click on the "Add Payment Method" button

If you prefer to have us make the change over the phone please call us at 1.425.214.1920 ext. 706.  Thank you!


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