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Organization Setup

You can manage your organization via the Organization Set up Screen


This screen lets you maintain your organization name and description. You can upload your company logo and letterhead. 



You can also add Metadata items that allow you to add additional information about the organization by specifying key/value pair. These values can be accessed globally across the platform by using the ORGMETA('key') formula function access for use with integration and connectors.



Next you can specify your regional settings.



The Advanced Settings follow that.



Most of the fields are easy to understand, so we’ll just highlight the more advanced fields 

  • Provider ID: 
  • The Integration Passkey field is a unique, generated key for use with the integration API.  If you plan on using the integration API, this is an important value that your technical personnel will need to know about.  If you are not using the API, then you can ignore this field.
  • Send Invite Emails To: This instructs the system to send all user invite and reset emails to the given email address.
  • Default Sender Email: The default sender/from address used on emails sent from Connectors and other system functions.
  • Default Sender Name: Shows on emails sent from Connectors and other system functions.
  • Global Forms REST URL: Specify a global REST endpoint for use by the REST form connectors.
  • Primary Access URL: This is the primary access URL used by your users to access your website.
  • Secondary Access URL: This is the secondary access URL used by your users to access your website.

In the options bar you will find functions to manage your users and user groups and connectors.  

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