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How can I pull/push data from/to other systems?

How can I pull/push data from/to other systems? : Support

1. Use one of our existing Connectors


Generally you can pull data into the platform using a Data Source Connector, while you can push data to another system using a Form Connector.

We offer a number of pre-built Connectors for systems like Google Drive and Spreadsheets, external web services and emails, with others coming soon (DropBox, SkyDrive and Box to name a few).

To learn more about Connectors, see the Connectors documentation on this site.


2. Use our powerful Integration API


We offer a comprehensive API that supports JSON and XML formats over a RESTful interface.

The API is fully documented, but you will need someone with programming skills to make sense of it.

Contact us to get access to the API documentation and for any integration support needs.

Note: We also offer a Professional Services Team that can build integrations for you on demand.


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