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Dynamic Features

The Form Designer provides advanced functionality such as:

  • Custom Invalid Messages
    Your own message to display to the App User if the answer to the question is invalid.
  • Conditional Logic (Visibility of Questions)
    Whether or not a question or group of questions should appear based on a previous question’s answer.
  • Default Value
    A static default answer value that the question should have prior to the App User editing it.
  • Calculated Answers
    Used if the answer for this question should be populated based on the answer to previous question(s).
  • Custom Answer Constraints
    If the data accepted into a question is dependent on the answers to a previous question.
  • Dynamic Question Text and Hints
    The ability to include answers from prior questions in the displayed label and/or hint of a question.
  • Dynamic Filtering of Choices (Cascading List Questions)
    For cases where the available answers for a Choices question is determined by the answer of a prior List question.


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