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Can I use external GPS devices with the app?

Can I use external GPS devices with the app? : Support

In some situations, you may need better GPS accuracy and reliability than what you receive via the onboard Android/Apple device GPS.


For these cases, you should consider purchasing an external GPS receiver to use with your smartphone or tablet.


We've done a bit of research to see how these kinds of GPS receivers can be used with Android and IOS, and it looks like you *may* be able to use these without needing any changes to the app side.


For a great summary and how to guide for Android, see this article by Calflora.org.

The article outlines the steps for using an external GPS with Android, and it mentions that apparently on IOS, simply pairing the external GPS to your iDevice will do the trick.



We do not officially support external GPS devices due to the many potential differences in Bluetooth version, operating system versions and device hardware - so your mileage may vary in terms of compatibility with our app.

If you wish to proceed with an external GPS device, then we suggest that you purchase just one to start and test it out with the app first.

Should you hit problems, contact our support team and we may be able to help, or optionally look at a project to make the device work with our app.


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