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Task Connectors (Premium)

Available for Premium Users Only!

Forms On Fire Tasks have received the first of many upgrades. The new feature is called “Task Connectors”. Now you are able to effectively generate an email, send out a text message, or initiate a REST web service call based on a task. For example, email and send a text message to a user when the task becomes overdue.

Task connectors work similiar to form connectors which run as soon as the task is updated. To try out this new feature, navigate to the Task tab in the secure web dashboard. Start by creating a Task template. You will notice a new step 5 called “Connectors”.


Choose from one available task connectors.


We also plan to add calendar and map views for tasks, along with re-occurring and future-dated scheduling.

Many more task upgrades are coming soon. The aim is to make Forms On Fire tasks a fully featured job dispatch module.

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