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SharePoint List Connector (Premium)

A new SharePoint List connector has now been added to the list of Form Connectors. This means that form entry data can now easily be written directly to a SharePoint list. The SP List Connector even allows you to map only specified fields directly to SharePoint columns, something that none of our other connectors yet do. Previously, our SharePoint connector was limited to sending a document to a SharePoint document library. However, we have heard the request of our clients and have delivered on this new functionality. We hope you enjoy it!

To try out this new functionality, navigate to your screen's connect section on the secure web dashboard. Select the new SharePoint List connector (see screenshot below)


Type your SharePoint list name (Note: This must be a valid SharePoint list name accessible from the SharePoint Connection previously configured under the Connected Data > Connections section of the secure web dashboard. If the list name is under a sub-site, then type in the relative "Sites" path to the SharePoint list. Example: sites/mysubsite/SharePointList).

Next, click the "Get Fields" button. This will grab the available columns from SharePoint and allow you to map your fields from Forms On Fire directly to the SharePoint list.

Lastly, map your fields.


Click Save. Then test your form.

Keep your eye out for additional connectors in 2017 as we plan to continue to make the platform more “pluggable” to many other complimentary services.

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