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Referring to column values of a selected Data Source row

The Form Designer allows you to link Choices fields to a Data Source that you have previously uploaded.

Data Sources can have up to 100 columns and you may want to refer to the values in these columns when creating a Form.
To do so you will need to use a formula to refer to the desired column.

By default the first column in a Data Source (also known as the Value column) is always used as a field's answer.
If you want to refer to any other column's value, you need to use an index syntax - specifically you need to add square brackets around the column's index number - e.g. {{product[index]}}

Data Source column indexes always start at zero - i.e. the first column has index of 0, the second column has index 1, third column is index 2, and so on.


Lets look at an example
Imagine you have a Data Source called "Products" that contains your product list, with rows such as:


You create a Form named "Sales Order" which you will use to capture orders for your products.

The Form has the following fields:

  • product_choice : A Choices field that is linked to the Products Data Source.
  • quantity : A Number field that captures the quantity of product ordered.
  • total : A Number field that will calculate the total amount by multiplying the product's price by quantity.

On the "total" field, you would define a Dynamic Value formula as follows: {{product_choice[2]}} * {{quantity}}

Note: the square brackets and index value of 2 used to refer to the 3rd column (the Price) in the Products Data Source.

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