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Platform Status and Support Ticket Management

Platform Status / Monitoring

All platform functions are monitored continuously by various alerting services that are employed for the quickest possible response to platform issues.

You can view the current status of the platform and web site here:


How Platform Downtime and/or Issues Are Managed

Our platform operators run an "on call" roster internally that ensures there is always a person able to respond quickly to critical issues.

An escalation process in place to ensure that the correct people are involved in resolving problems should something go seriously wrong with the platform or services.

What we consider to be "critical issues"

We regard "service down" and broad-based "cannot work" scenarios as being critical.
More specifically when:

  • The cloud platform at https://secure.formsonfire.com is down or unresponsive
  • Users across multiple customer accounts are not able to sync their mobile apps
  • Our cloud integration API is down or unresponsive

Issues relating to individual apps or screens that you build do not qualify as "critical" issues in terms of the process above. However, if you experience a problem with a specific app or screen designed by the Forms On Fire Solutions group, please contact support@formsonfire.com or your primary contact in that group for assistance. 

We maintain a support team and support desk service which you should utilize when encountering isolated or specific issues such as the above. Our support group is available via chat, email or by phone and we aim for 1 business day response times.

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