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What is a Function?

Forms On Fire is loaded with tools that enable you to build just about anything you could possibly imagine.

 One of those tools is the Formula Builder which can be found by locating the hammer symbol throughout the system.

Click the hammer and you will see a dropdown to the right, this contains all functions available for the control you are currently working in. We are constantly adding functions so make sure you take a peek through it every now and again.

Let's take a simple example of how you might use one. In the following example, we are going to capture a customer first and last name. You may need the full name of the customer in a single field for use later in the form or in the output. We need a way to combine the first and last name. The layout might look like this:

First, click on the customerFullName Hidden Field and navigate to Advanced on the right in the builder. Hover to the right of the Dynamic Value textbox and a hammer will appear.

The Formula Builder will appear, click the dropdown on the right and locate the Concatenate function.

Click the function and the builder will add it. Notice val1, val2, val3, the builder gives you hints as to what is needed to make the function work. The CONCAT() function allows you to join two or more values which can be other fields in the form, more functions, nested CONCATs, characters within single quotes, and much more. All functions work very similar to Microsoft Excel and are truly limited by your imagination.

In this example, we will replace val1 with {{firstname}}, val2 with ' ', and val3 with {{lastName}}. Each value is separated by a comma and notice we added a space between the single quotes. This will place a space between the two values.

Click APPLY and the function will be saved. SAVE your form and bring it up on a device. If you fill it out and submit, go to the DATA tab for that form and locate the row. You will see a column labeled customerFullName and a value of the customer first and last name with a nice little space between them.

This example is a very simple sample of what these functions are capable of. If you need any assistance, please reach out to us and we'll give you a hand.

If you would like to use the form referenced above, it has been added below. Simply create a new Form Entry Screen and Import the file.

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